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Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

Guernsey Airport produces and contribute to a number of annual reports and service plans, which summarise the performance of Guernsey and Alderney Airports.

Guernsey Airport has also produced a 2018-2022 Business Plan summarising its overarching strategy, vision and objectives, asset management and objectives.

Annual Accounts

Guernsey Ports Annual Accounts 2019.

Guernsey Ports Annual Accounts 2018.

Guernsey Airport Annual Reports

Download our 2019 annual report here.

Download our 2018 annual report here.

Download our 2017 annual report here.

Download our 2015 annual report here.

Download our 2014 annual report here.

Download our 2013 annual report here.

Our annual reports are generally made available after July in the following year due to the public availiblity of the States of Guernsey's annual accounts. 

Other Reporting

Guernsey Airport 2018-2022 Business Plan.

Guernsey Airport 2020 Air Traffic Services Annual Plan.

Trading Assets Group Reports

2018 Annual Report.

For information about Aviation Journals and Permits, please visit the Office of the Director of Civil Aviation Channel Islands' website.