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COVID-19 - General Aviation

COVID-19 - General Aviation

Before Travel

Anyone found to have a positive Lateral Flow or PCR Test (if applicable) on arrival in the Bailiwick will be required to self-isolate as defined by the States of Guernsey's Civil Contingencies Authority and will need to be in suitable accommodation at their own cost.

All private aircraft (GA) operators should note the current States of Guernsey travel guidance and requirements published on its website: which can be subject to change without prior notice.

Before embarking on their journey, all pilots and air crew should check and understand the relevant NOTAM(s) (Notices to Airmen) in force before flying in and out of Guernsey or Alderney Airports.

All General Aviation pilots air crew and passengers for both Guernsey and Alderney who intend to enter Guernsey or Alderney landside will only need to register their vaccine status if they have travelled outside or are flying direct outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) in the previous 10 days prior to arrival. All passengers and aircrew wanting or needed access and landside will need to register their journey on the States of Guernsey’s Travel Tracker App: which will become available 8 days before arrival. When you arrive in the Bailiwick, your declaration must be accurate.

Aircraft must be booked in with the relevant Guernsey Fixed Based Operator (FBO) or Alderney handling agents/Welcome Team. Failure to do so may result in aircraft being turned away from the relevant airport.

Guernsey arrivals will need to book in with either Aiglle Flight Support or ASG Guernsey handling agents prior to arrival. Contact details can be found in the relevant NOTAM in force.

Alderney has restrictions on arrival times due to the availability of the Welcome Team. Pilots and air crew should note the current NOTAM(s) in force for information on the Teams’ operating hours and contact numbers before arrival.

From 00.01 Wednesday 19 January 2022, 

  • No testing or isolation requirements for travellers coming from the Common Travel Area (the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and the Republic of Ireland).

  • A Lateral Flow Test on the day of arrival for non-Common Travel Area travellers who are fully vaccinated. The States of Guernsey recommends you use the remaining LFT tests on days 3, 5, 7 and 9 after your arrival.

  • Travel requirements for arrivals from outside the CTA who are not fully vaccinated will not change AND for those arriving from red list countries are also unchanged.

From 00:01 Thursday 17 February 2022,

  • Removal of all border restrictions.

  • Arrivals into the Bailiwick no longer required to complete Travel Tracker.