Guernsey Airport has six 'Blue Badge Holder' parking spaces in the main car park for people with mobility problems and certain disabilities

Critical Worker Travel Application Process

Guernsey Airport terminal
Guernsey Ports, in line with the latest States of Guernsey Public Health Services advice, have established a travel application form to facilitate essential travel for critical workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The application process has been developed to enable those who would be defined as a critical worker to be given approval to travel from Guernsey Airport, Alderney Airport, St Peter Port Harbour or St Sampson’s Harbour.

Critical Worker Definition

Critical Workers are defined as, individuals whose presence in the Bailiwick is required to keep critical services running. Where such critical workers are required, and are not already available in the Bailiwick, exemptions from the self-isolation requirements in the Regulations ("Exemptions") can be considered for the purpose of enabling those workers to travel to the islands to carry out the vital work identified.

Please read and understand the Critical Worker Travel Policy Document before making an application.  

This application process does not currently apply to those travelling on compassionate or medical grounds.

Application Process

This form should be used when making an application for critical worker travel status and sent to the relevent email address. In addition to the information required in the form. The following details are also necessary as part of the application process for critical workers. 

  • Aircraft make and model.
  • Postal address.
  • Crew names.
  • Times of flight.