Checked-in online or via airline mobile apps? Hand baggage only? You may go directly through security and to departures.

Hold Baggage System Upgrade

Guernsey Airport terminal

The full replacement of Guernsey Airport’s Hold Baggage System (HBS) is nearing completion despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extensive equipment and site acceptance testing of the HBS began in the first quarter of 2022 and the project’s completion is expected to be in late April 2022.

The HBS processes and screens passenger hold baggage from the check-in desk before the items are loaded onto aircraft.

A floor area of approximately 390 square metres (4,200 square feet) has been created to house the entire HBS and the various support systems the two scanners require in order to function.

The scanners each weigh 6.5 metric tons, 5 metres long and have a width and height of 2 metres. Each of the machines can process over 1,000 items of hold baggage an hour.

The new system has built-in resilience, since both scanners are now identical, and the airport has the capability to automatically divert baggage between both scanners to reduce disruption for passengers.

Guernsey Ports’ Head of Passenger Operations and Aviation Security, Steve Langlois said:

“Early indications suggest the new scanning technology and the conveyor systems are performing well. The scanning technology is very different compared to the equipment it replaces. The technology provides scanning quality on a par with CT medical screening, giving security staff vastly more enhanced imaging capability.”

What do I have to do if I'm travelling with hold baggage?

The airline check-in desks are now open again. Passengers are now able to place their hold baggage items on the conveyor system at the desk.