Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted is designated areas outside of the Guernsey or Alderney Airport terminal buildings.

Hold Baggage System Upgrade

Guernsey Airport terminal

Whats happening?

Guernsey Ports is making improvements to its hold baggage (the bags passengers check in at the check-in desk) handling system (HBS). This will result in temporary disruption for some passengers checking-in with hold baggage. This will also ensure compliance with the latest aviation security standards. 

The first of the 2 HBS scanners is now in service. The new equipment will have increased resilience and remove the need for random manual searches of hold baggage by security staff. The second HBS scanner is due for delivery into Guernsey later in 2021.

A floor area of approximately 390 square metres (4,200 square feet) will be created by contractors to house the entire HBS and the various support systems the two scanners require to function. The scanners each weigh 6.5 metric tons, which is just bigger than a medium sized truck. The HBS scanners are 5 metres long, have a width and height of 2 metres. Each of the machines can process over 1,000 items of hold baggage an hour.

What do I have to do if I'm travelling with hold baggage?

Guernsey Airport is asking passengers who plan to check-in any hold baggage items onto their flight, to allow for increased time at the airport in the event their baggage items are selected for a manual search.

In the event a hand-search has to be carried out. Staff from our security partner G4S will carry out these searches with discretion and professionalism. 

Passengers travelling with Aurigny can now check-in their hold baggage items on the afternoon before travelling on the following day for all UK flights.

This 'Twilight Check-in' service is open from 3pm to 6.30pm 7 days a week at Guernsey Airport. We’d encourage all Aurigny passengers to use this service where possible.

All passengers on a booking must be present for check-in at Guernsey Airport - other than children or infants on the same booking as an adult.

What if I'm travelling on a another airline?

Passengers travelling on non-Aurigny services should allow plenty of time for check-in and factor this requirement into their journey planning to meet their flight on-time. We recommend allowing at least 90 minutes prior to departure of your flight. Some airlines will also close check-in times earlier than normal. 

Passengers can be reassured that this process is a necessary part of our transition to an improved long-term system. Until the new system is in place, we are required by our regulators to implement these extra controls and we apologise to passengers who experience disruption as a result of these temporary measures.

What if I only have hand baggage?

Those passengers travelling with hand baggage items only will not be subject to these controls.