Security Upgrade

Security Upgrade

Guernsey Ports is carrying out its planned investment in the security area of Guernsey Airport’s passenger terminal. Passengers and their hand luggage are screened in this area before continuing through to Departures.

What is happening and why?

As air travel recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, airport security areas must once again be able to manage large passenger volumes. Fit-for-purpose equipment and procedures are required to meet the strict security regulations and standards that all airports in the British Isles are mandated to follow.

Security scanning technology regulations are continually developing, evolving and enhancing globally. Airports around the world are investing heavily in new screening technology to ensure the ongoing safety and security of passengers and aircraft.

Guernsey Airport will be refreshing its technology in the security area to continue meeting this challenge and taking advantage of the opportunities new technology can bring. This aims to meet passenger needs and adapt to the ever-changing and evolving security processes that all airports in the British Isles must follow.

Construction work is now underway with the first of two new scanners now installed. The target completion date for this project is early July 2022.

What benefits will this project bring for passengers?

Once completed, overall processing times for passengers going through security are anticipated to shorten, reducing queues at peak times. Several innovative technologies are being introduced to achieve this aim.

Developments such as a ‘tray return’ system used at UK airports for hand luggage items will be introduced for the first time at Guernsey Airport. This system will reduce the hand contact of trays and reduce noise levels in the security area.

Another innovation will be the introduction of a shoe scanner. This will allow passengers to keep their shoes on if they are selected to be scanned, unlike at present, where passengers have to remove their shoes and have them security screened with their hand luggage items.

This will improve the efficiency of the process and reduce passenger inconvenience. Existing arrangements for passengers with disabilities, those who cannot stand unaided and those using Special Assistance will not change.

Whilst redevelopment work is taking place, contractors are carrying out upgrades to improve the lighting, air conditioning and other support systems the security area requires.

How much time should I allow for security?

Whilst these works are taking place, all passengers should allow extra time to pass through security, particularly at peak times and factor this requirement into your journey planning. This is to ensure an on-time departure of your flight. During the project, excluding the 2022 May school half term, only one security lane will be in service. This is due to space restrictions in the terminal.  

If you are an Aurigny passenger, Guernsey Ports strongly encourages the use of its Twilight Check-In service. This is to streamline your early morning journey. The Airport anticipates longer queuing times to enter the security screening area, especially during the morning and evening peak times. The airport greatly appreciates your patience during this period of disruption and apologises for any inconvenience caused. Longer-term, we are confident that this project will significantly benefit passengers.

Guernsey Ports recognises that any reconfiguration work in the terminal can be disruptive for passengers. Once installed and operational, the new scanning equipment should improve the flow of passengers going through security.