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Access Guide - COVID-19 Testing area

Guernsey Airport testing area. Picture taken during a training exercise

Self-testing rooms

You may have to take a Covid swab test on arrival at the airport. This will depend on your vaccination status and 10 day travel history. You will be instructed by a member of the team of the obligations you will need to follow as part of Guernsey’s Public Health regulations.

A member of staff will guide you to the next available self-testing room at the airport. (Pictured during a training excercise)

In all circumstances, children under 12 are not required to be tested on arrival. 

You will be provided with a receipt from staff who will confirm when your self-isolation period ends.

A member of staff will guide you to the next available self-testing room at the airport.

The self-testing rooms contain a desk, chair and mirror. They also contain hand sanitiser, paper towels and a waste bin.

You will be handed a self-testing kit. Instructions are available within the testing room but if there are any difficulties please ask a member of staff for assistance.

The self-testing rooms also have a degree of privacy and several are designed for full manoeuvrability for wheelchair users, those requiring extra space for families or carers.

To see videos about the testing procedure please click on the link below:

Arriving through the Airport testing area

After Testing

If you are being collected by friends and family from Guernsey Airport, we recommend you meet them in the main Airport car park. If this is not possible due to health/mobility problems, you can be collected by car at the airport forecourt. (Please ask at the information desk or one of the airport staff for any advice/assistance).

Once in the vehicle please have the window open and a mask on for the duration of your trip to self-isolation. Anyone collecting someone from Guernsey or Alderney Airport's, please do not wait in the terminal. 

Alderney Transfers from the UK

Once you have been processed through the test facility, make your way out to the Aurigny check in desk in the main concourse and make your way to departures. Make your way to the end of the departure lounge where there is a seating area marked “UK Alderney transiting passengers”. 

Please keep your mask on at all times. If you require water, please use the public water fountain in departures. Only take your mask off when eating or drinking. Be aware of other passengers and you must social distance of least two metres whilst you are in Guernsey Airport departures and the Alderney Airport arrivals hall.

Wrist bands

For travellers arriving into Guernsey Airport, in luggage reclaim the Welcome Team will be asking to see your Travel Tracker account. Once the team has checked your account, if you are a Blue traveller, you will be issued with a wristband, which you are only requested to wear until you leave the testing facility. This will enable you to be Fast Tracked, through the next two checkpoints, and you'll only need to show your Travel Tracker once, making your journey through the airport quicker and smoother. Once you are outside of the facilities you can dispose of your wristband in one of the bins provided.

Transport to self-isolation

Please book a hire car prior to your arrival and follow the company’s instructions.

Please note that public buses in Guernsey cannot be used as a means of transport to your self-isolation address.

Please book a Taxi in advance whenever possible from the passenger terminal, especially if you require a wheelchair accessible taxi, to ensure you do not queue. Please follow the drivers’ instructions.

If you are legally required to self-isolate, you cannot walk by foot to your self isolation address.

Further information can be found on the States of Guernsey's website.