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Crane Operations

Guernsey Harbours Crane

Due to the potential physical and technical effects that tall construction equipment may have on airport operations, Guernsey Airport should be consulted before any temporary obstacles of significance, such as cranes or other tall construction equipment are used.

Failure to abide by these requirements could result in, enforcement action being taken against the crane operator under the Aviation (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2008.

The Assessment Process

  • Cranes within six kilometres of Guernsey Airport and above 10 metres AGL (Above Ground Level) will have to complete a Crane Authorisation Form.
  • To see a map of the affected area please click here.
  • All Crane Authorisation Forms should be completed and submitted using this link.
  • If the crane is positioned at a significant height in the approach/departing flight path then Guernsey Airport is required by its Aviation Regulator to conduct an assessment against its Instrument Flight Procedures with the assistance of a specialist contractor.
  • If this work is required, the crane operator will be informed of the costs incurred and timescales involved which could take up to approximately four weeks for more complex assessments. Guernsey Airport will authorise the permit should the crane pass the technical assessment. Alternatively, a justification will be provided if the crane fails to meet our safety criteria and what action is required to be taken next.
  • Payment can be made via a BACS transfer to Guernsey Airport using the details on the invoice which will be sent via email.

Should an extension be required, the crane operator should email as soon as possible.