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Drone Guidance

Drone in the sky

The latest Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or aerial drone devices have very advanced capabilities and are constantly being updated with new features and technology.

When operated safely and correctly, and with the right permissions, they can be a useful aid for filmmakers and photographers who want to capture unique and compelling images and footage of the Bailiwick. Model aeroplanes and helicopters also fall under this scope.

UAS device use requires an understanding of the safety and operational limitations that are appropriate for the Bailiwick.

Similarly, operational restrictions (in law or otherwise) apply in the vicinity of Guernsey and Alderney Airports, Guernsey Harbours and the Guernsey Vessel Traffic Service Zone. These being intended to protect ‘normal’ air and maritime traffic. Other parts of Guernsey, and the island of Sark have laws or policies in place governing all types of UAS device activity.

Download our guide for the safe operation of these kinds of aircraft.

Please click on the links for our Guernsey and Alderney drone posters.

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