Please ensure that your hand luggage is within the maximum dimensions and quantity permitted by your airline.



Taking liquids through security

There are restrictions on the amount of liquids you can take in your hand luggage. If possible, consider pack liquids in your hold baggage (luggage that you check in).

Liquids include:

  • All drinks, including water

  • Liquid or semi-liquid foods, for example soup, jam, honey and syrups

  • Cosmetics and toiletries, including creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara and lip gloss

  • Sprays, including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants

  • Pastes, including toothpaste

  • Gels, including hair and shower gel

  • Contact lens solution

  • Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

If you do take liquids in your hand luggage:

  • Containers must hold no more than 100ml

  • Containers must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm

  • Contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed

  • The bag must not be knotted or tied at the top

  • You’re limited to 1 plastic bag per person

  • You must show the bag at the airport security search area

Liquids in containers larger than 100ml generally cannot go through security even if the container is only part full. There are some exemptions.


You can take liquid containers larger than 100ml through security if they:

  • Are for essential medical purposes

  • Are for special dietary requirements

  • Contain baby food or baby milk

You can also take liquids bought at an airport or on a plane (such as duty free) through security if:

  • The items are sealed inside a security bag when you buy them

  • the receipt for the items is sealed in the security bag and visible

You must not open the security bag until you reach your final destination. Security staff may need to open the items to screen the liquid at the search area.