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Photo Archive

The Vickers Viscount was the mainstay on Guernsey’s airline routes in the 1970s. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

As part of Guernsey’s own “Berlin Airlift”, this Sagittair AW650 Argosy was one of many aircraft utilised on a emergency shuttle operation to Bournemouth to move tomatoes during an industrial dispute in 1972. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

British Midland was a regular flight operator into Guernsey, often with multiple aircraft on the apron together as here in 1973. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

Health and Safety was not such a problem in 1973. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

In the 1970’s shipping flowers by air was a major operation and British Air Ferries were involved with flights to Coventry. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

The Britten Norman 3 Trislander was a faithful servant to the Channel Islands for many years. The Shorts 360 CityFlyer Express in the background was once a familiar type of aircraft on the Guernsey Airport apron. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

14th July 2014, an evening scene; LY-FLH of Small Planet was flying an Aurigny-Manchester service, the Flybe E195 was on lease to Aurigny prior to the delivery of their own aircraft and Blue Islands ATR42. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

A busy apron on 19th January 2015; featuring an ATR42 destined for Nigerian airline Overland Express. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

Corporate Jets are a increasingly common sight and the Global Express 6000 is at the top end of the market. Photo credit: Andrew Ozanne.

Using Guernsey Airport as a refuelling stop on the night of 13th-14th February 2015 was this EC225 Super Puma on its delivery flight, destined for the North Sea Oil Fields. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

More helicopters refuelling, this time a pair of RAF EH101 Merlins on the way home to the UK. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

On 17th February 2015 the RAF’s Airbus A400M Atlas ZM400 carried out approaches to Guernsey’s runway on a training exercise. Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

Guernsey Airport's current freight services are operated by West Atlantic with BAe ATPs. Photo credit: Andrew Ozanne.

The Gatwick service has been modernised with the Embraer 195 on the route, Guernsey’s only scheduled jet sevice. Photo credit: Andrew Ozanne.

Rare visits are made by Boeing 737s, this Titan Airways aircraft is occasionally chartered to cover aircraft shortages. Photo credit: Andrew Ozanne.

A busy runway at Guernsey Airport in preparation of the 2015 Air Display (9th September 2015). Photo credit: Nigel Le Page.

Aerial photographs of Guernsey Airport in preparation of the 2015 Air Display (9th September 2015). Photo credits: Jonathan Le Ray.

On the 23 July 2019. The Ryanair corporate jet, a Boeing 737-700 visited Guernsey Airport. Picture: Guernsey Airport. 

Ryanair became a major 'low cost carrier' in Europe in the late 1990's. In 2016, the Irish carrier was the largest European budget airline by scheduled passengers flown, and carried more international passengers than any other airline. Picture: Guernsey Airport. 

C-17 Landing Guernsey Airport November 2020

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Many airport's in the British Isles including Guernsey, hosted military training carried out by the Royal Air Force mainly A400M transporter aircraft or C-17 variants based at RAF Brize Norton. This was due to a considerable downturn of commerical passenger traffic globally whilst the pandemic took place. Picture: Chris George. 

On Novemeber 4 2020, a RAF C-17 from 99 Squadron performed a landing and a take off for the first time from Guernsey Airport whilst carrying out routine training. It's believed the C-17 is the biggest aircraft to land and take off from Guernsey Airport in terms of size, weight and wingspan. Picture: Chris George. 

Also in 2020, Guernsey Airport hosted Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter training. In 2020, the Chinook helicoptor based at RAF Odiham, celebrated 40 years of active service with the RAF. Picture: Guernsey Airport.