Please ensure that your hand luggage is within the maximum dimensions and quantity permitted by your airline.

Private Aviation

Private Aviation

Guernsey Airport welcomes general aviation and business aviation visitors.  Our renowned FBOs can deliver a service to suit all needs at competitive prices.

With low landing fees, a range of up to date navaids, European renowned handling agents and maintenance organisations, and Class 'D' airspace below FL80, there has never been a better opportunity to fly into Guernsey or Alderney for business or pleasure.

If you are looking for executive handling, our two fixed-base operator's (FBOs) will be happy to accommodate you. Aiglle Flight Support and Aircraft Servicing Guernsey (ASG) have long established reputations in this sector.

For a simpler service, ASG will be happy to provide one. We do ask that you notify them of your visit in advance to ensure that parking is available. When visiting Alderney, a handling agent for private flights is not required.

Duty Free is available on departure provided you are travelling to a destination outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Contact Flight Briefing for more details.

There are customs and immigration procedures if inbound to or outbound from Guernsey or Alderney Airports. The Guernsey Border Agency's General Aviation Report (GAR) form is here.

Paper forms can be handed in to ASG or Aiglle in Guernsey, or desposited into a dedicated post box in Guernsey Flight Briefing. GARs are not needed for flights between Guernsey and Alderney. Please DO NOT email, fax, or hand in paper forms to Guernsey Airport. 

Completed paper GAR forms can also be faxed to the Guernsey Border Agency on +44 (0)1481 239400. 

For more infomation on the Guernsey GAR system please use this link

Airport Opening Times

AirportOpening Times
Guernsey AirportAll year 0630 - 2100
Alderney AirportSummer Mon-Thu 0740-1830, Fri-Sun 0740-1930
Winter Mon-Sat 0740-1830, Sun 0855-1830

(All times are local time)


Bailiwick of Guernsey weather forecast +44 (0)1481 12080

Duty met observer +44 (0)906 7130111 (premium rate line)

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General Aviation

Guernsey & Alderney offer fabulous flying experiences whether training or just wanting to enjoy the is the perfect opportunity to exercise the privileges of your IMC rating, or to exploit the opportunity to fly into Guernsey or Alderney VFR.

Business Aviation

Guernsey Airport is home to a flourishing general and business aviation community which runs successfully alongside the commercial passenger operations.