Please ensure that your hand luggage is within the maximum dimensions and quantity permitted by your airline.

Security - Frequently Asked Questions

Guernsey Airport apron

Will I have to take my shoes off? 

You should remove your footwear for security screening only if you are asked to do so by a security officer.

What about umbrellas? 

Umbrellas are permitted. These items will be X-ray screened at security.

Can I carry glass items on? 


I have a metal implant; do I need to bring any additional documentation with me to the airport? 

Passengers with metal implants, such as artificial knees and hips, do not require any additional documentation to travel. 

Can I take candles with me? 

Yes, you can carry candles in your hold or hand baggage.

Nail files and nail scissors - Can I take these on board? 

Yes, providing the blades are no longer than 6cm measured from the fulcrum. Anything longer will need to be checked-in as hold baggage.

What about knitting needles? 

Knitting needles are allowed.

Can I take liquids, gels or pastes in containers over 100ml? 

Not in hand luggage. Any liquids, gels or pastes in containers over 100ml have to be packed in your main baggage that you check into the aircraft hold. There is a free water fountain facility available in the departure lounge near the toilets, should you wish to fill up your own empty water bottle.

Can I take contact lens solution as hand luggage? 

Yes, provided the solution is in a container 100ml or less inside a transparent, resealable bag.

Can I take lipstick and deodorants on board in my hand luggage? 

Yes, you can take on board all solid cosmetics and so a standard lipstick would be acceptable as would solid deodorants. You can also take atomiser/cream/roll-on deodorants in containers up to 100ml. These will need to go in a transparent resealable bag.

Can I buy cosmetics, toiletries and drinks after security? 

Yes. If you are on a direct flight to your destination, you can fly with the vast majority of items you buy after security. We advise any hot drinks bought in departures should be consumed before boarding starts for your flight. 

Electrical items - Can I take items such as a laptop, cameras, and tablet or mobile devices? 

Yes, there are no limitations on electrical items. We may ask you to remove these items from your cabin baggage so they can be screened separately.  The Security Officer will advise you.

Batteries - Can I carry spare batteries in my hand baggage for my electrical items? 

Yes, you can.

Gas hair tongs - Can I carry these in my hand baggage? 

Yes, you can but you are only allowed to carry one gas cartridge that is in use and housed in the tongs.

How big can the transparent, resealable bag be? 

The capacity must not exceed 1 litre (20cm x 20cm, or 8in x 8in). Bags are available before security if you need one.  One bag per person.

How many resealable bags am I allowed? 

Only one bag may be carried per passenger.

What quantities of liquid medication can I take with me? 

Passengers are allowed to take essential medicines sufficient for their journey. Amounts under 100ml should be placed in a transparent, plastic bag with other liquids. For amounts over 100ml, supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional (e.g., a letter from your doctor/consultant), is required. All liquids should be presented at security for x-ray inspection. Additional tests may be conducted.

Can we carry children’s liquid medication in our hand luggage? 

Yes, carry sufficient for the trip and in containers of less than 100ml capacity.

Insulin - I carry insulin, insulin pumps and hypodermic needles. Is this allowed? 

Yes, you are allowed to carry both the insulin, the insulin pump and needles.

Non-prescribed medicine - I would like to carry some non-prescribed medicine in tablet form, such as paracetamol. May I do that? 

Yes, you can. There is no limit to what you carry in tablet or pill form, whether it is prescribed medication or not.

Can I carry an EpiPen in my hand luggage? 


I am asthmatic, can I carry an inhaler? 

Yes, you can.

I also have a spray, but for angina. Is this allowed? 

Yes, you may carry essential medicines for the trip.

May I carry a blood pressure monitor in my hand luggage? 

Yes, provided it complies with your airline's hand luggage rules.

Can I carry my homeopathic medication, which is in liquid form, in my hand luggage? 

The rules for homeopathic medicines are the same as for other liquid medicines.

Pushchairs - Am I allowed to take my child’s pushchair to the gate? 

Yes, you are allowed to take pushchairs, prams and buggies to the gate. These items will be subject to security screening.

Milk powder - Can I take this with me to make up a bottle of milk on the plane? 

Yes, you can carry milk powder.

Prepared milk - What about a bottle or carton of prepared milk or sterilized water, do they need to be a maximum of 100ml? 

If you are travelling with an infant, these items can exceed 100ml and do not have to fit into the resealable bag. However, the amount must be sufficient for your journey and these may be subject to additional tests. 

What about jars of baby food? 

If you are travelling with an infant, these items can exceed 100ml and do not have to fit into the resealable bag. However, the amount must be sufficient for your journey, and these may be subject to additional tests.

Car seats - Can we take these? 

Car seats can be taken as part of hold baggage, please check with your airline before you are due to travel.

I have a musical instrument - Can I take this on board? 

Yes, but please contact your airline before you travel.

I have a hat box and a wedding dress. Can I take these with me in the cabin? 

Yes, but please contact your airline before you travel.

Can I still padlock my hold luggage? Or does it have to be left open? 

Yes, you can still padlock it, or use a combination lock.

Where can I go to find out further information? 

Please visit the UK Department for Transport's website using this link.