Travelling into the Bailiwick for self-isolation for COVID-19? Please ensure you arrange onwards travel from Guernsey or Alderney Airport's in advance. Further details:


Sunshine and showers S F4 17.1°C / 63°F
Cloudy with heavy rain around dawn, clearing to long sunny periods by mid-morning, but with some brief blustery showers still likely. Little change overnight.
Today, Monday, 27 September 2021.
Sea Level Pressure
Relative Humidity
Air temperature
17.1°C / 63°F
Dew Point
16.3°C / 61°F
Mean Direction
190 / S
Mean Wind Speed
15 / force 4
10 min. Highest Gust
20 knots
60 min. Highest Gust
25 knots
Updated 01:06 Monday 27th September 2021