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Airline Time From Flight Status Changes
Flights for Thursday 7th July 2022
Mail/Newspapers 06:30 Mail NPT22G
Blue Islands 08:00 Jersey SI4407
Aurigny 08:30 Alderney GR201
Aurigny Blue Islands 09:15 Southampton GR651, SI7651, LM2651
Aurigny 09:50 Gatwick GR601
Aurigny 10:00 Birmingham GR703
Aurigny 12:20 Alderney GR205
Aurigny 12:25 Gatwick GR603
Blue Islands 12:30 Jersey SI4419
Aurigny 09:50 Exeter GR729
Aurigny 13:20 Gatwick GR605
Aurigny 13:35 Manchester GR671
Aurigny 14:20 Madrid GR801
Aurigny 15:25 Bristol GR643
Blue Islands Aurigny 15:30 Southampton SI3325, GR1325, LM2325
Aurigny 16:20 Alderney GR209
Aurigny 17:25 Dublin GR687
Aurigny 17:45 Gatwick GR607
Blue Islands 18:00 Jersey SI4433
Aurigny 18:35 Alderney GR215
Aurigny 18:35 Gatwick GR609
Blue Islands Aurigny 20:30 Southampton SI3343, GR1343, LM2343
Aurigny 20:55 Gatwick GR611
Aurigny 20:55 Birmingham GR709
No flights matching your search criteria were found.
    Airline Time To Flight Status Changes
    Thursday 7th July 2022
    Aurigny 06:50 Birmingham GR702
    Aurigny 07:00 Gatwick GR600
    Aurigny Blue Islands 07:05 Southampton GR650, SI7650, LM2650
    Aurigny 07:25 Alderney GR200
    Aurigny 08:15 Madrid GR800
    Blue Islands 08:20 Jersey SI4408
    Aurigny 08:55 Alderney GR202
    Aurigny 09:35 Gatwick GR602
    Aurigny 10:20 Manchester GR670
    Aurigny 10:20 Gatwick GR604
    Aurigny 07:50 Exeter GR728
    Blue Islands 12:50 Jersey SI4420
    Aurigny 12:55 Bristol GR642
    Aurigny 13:00 Alderney GR206
    Blue Islands Aurigny 13:30 Southampton SI3324, GR1324, LM2324
    Aurigny 13:45 Belfast GR686
    Aurigny 14:40 Gatwick GR606
    Aurigny 15:45 Gatwick GR608
    Blue Islands 17:00 Jersey SI4434
    Aurigny 17:30 Alderney GR214
    Aurigny 17:55 Birmingham GR708
    Aurigny 18:10 Gatwick GR610
    Blue Islands Aurigny 18:30 Southampton SI3342, GR1342, LM2342
    Mail/Newspapers 19:40 Mail NPT22B
    No flights matching your search criteria were found.